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our mission

WE like soap, like WE like people.

For all of our products One Leaf Miracle is committed to use only purely sourced, edible oils, butters, herbs, flowers and mineral clays. We strive to produce most clean products that feels good on the skin and good for the soul. One Leaf Miracle products purifies, balances and moisturizes the skin. Our aim is to reduce waste in the environment. Go Green with us. Our products good for you, great for the planet. We believe small acts leads to big impact. 

ONE LEAF MIRACLE   products:

-No parabens, alcohol, sodium laurel sulfates other other synthetic chemicals

-No artificial dyes

-No synthetic fragrances

-No foaming agents

-Not tested on animals



Hello! My name is Julia and I'm the owner of One Leaf Miracle.

There came a point in my life when I got so tired of

harsh skincare products full of chemicals that were irritating, drying my skin and causing frequent acne breakdowns. I decided it was time for a change. I did extensive research how to make homemade skincare products with simple, pure ingredients. It did amazing on my skin! I no longer had dry, itchy skin and acne was gone! As I continued my clean living journey, I discovered old-fashioned soap to be the best cleanser our ancestors created. Shortly after I started making salves, lip balms & body scrubs to bring moisture & cleanse the skin. This was an exciting beginning of organic skincare path.​

One Leaf Miracle is an independent, local small business. We make handmade soaps, salves, lip balms, body scrubs with great care and love. Our ingredient list consists of pure ingredients from local shops & farms. Our labels mirrors the content of our products. We take pride in making small batches of fresh, organic products with pure carrier oils, herbal, floral, mineral clay colorants and essential oil scents.

One Leaf Miracle offer custom and bulk orders.

You can customize our products with specific base (carrier oils), colorants and essential oils. We also offer vegan options and various soap sizes and shapes. Upon request, special design such as, square, rectangular, round, loaf or special design soap are available. Let us know your preferences and we would love to create personalized products for you!

About One Leaf Miracle

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